Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Preparations

Danny has had fun "helping" make Christmas goodies. This is fair warning to anyone who may receive some. I didn't see him put any nonedibles in, but he can be pretty sneaky! Also, as a bonus to those of you reading the blog after getting our Christmas newsletter, I've uploaded the picture that didn't make the final cut. (Matt wasn't really hitting Daisy, but it sure looks like it!)


Danny got to sit on Santa's lap at the mall. "Sit" . . . more like squirm away as quickly as possible. Lucky for Danny, we were surprised with a visit from Santa at our ward party too. Danny still didn't like him. Maybe next year.

The Holy Hand Grenade

Matt's work has an annual chili cook off where each group has a themed booth and chili. Matt's group chose a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. For the game people had to knock down the ferocious bunny using the Holy Hand Grenade. Matt dressed as King Arthur. I had fun using spray paint, hot glue, and duct tape to create the costumes and game. However, when I visited the chili cook off to see how the booth turned out, I was a little disappointed. I forgot I was dealing with tech people - almost every other game was a projected video game of some sort (like Wii and Guitar Hero). That will be an easier solution for next year. :)

Danny and the Christmas Tree

Danny has been doing a good job staying out of trouble with the Christmas Tree. We've taught him to look and touch with one finger, but not to grab ornaments off the tree. So far it's worked pretty well, but most likely just because A - the tree is tucked away behind a sofa or B - shortly after the tree was all set up and decorated, Dozer knocked Danny into it giving him a pretty good scratch. The tree must not have seemed quite as enticing after that. Below you can hear him say tree - "tee."

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Walking Danny!

Danny and Freckles


Matt had fun with his turducken - a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey. He ordered it from a meat shop up here and then did the cooking himself. We enjoyed celebrating and EATING with Carrie's family.