Wednesday, November 06, 2013


I truly can't believe our first baby turned seven last month.  Seven seems so old.  He's crossed over from a little kid to a big kid.  This is such an interesting age.  On the one hand, Danny is showing independence and responsibility, wanting and able to take care of himself and prove his abilities.  I had to laugh recently when the family took a picnic to the nearby park.  Though we'd brought a basketball, we left it in the car while we ate and played soccer.  We were about ready to leave and Danny decided he really wanted to play basketball.  Matt and I said we didn't have time to get back to the car to get the ball, so he should choose something else.  Instead, Danny walked up to the adult stranger who was already playing basketball on the court, and politely asked if he could play with him.  The man was very friendly and let Danny join in for about 10 minutes.  Danny is good at problem solving to get what he wants.  And usually his ideas are pretty darn good.

 On the other hand, sometimes growing up is hard for this guy and he'll just melt into tears about how hard his day was or how it's not fair that Kaylee gets to do fun stuff all day (like run a zillion errands with mom - fun I know).  At the bus stop he just wants a wave goodbye and secret "I Love You" code through the bus window, but at night he still wants an extra back rub or snuggle.    I try to treasure these moments, recognizing that they too will slip away soon. 

Right now Danny loves LEGOs, sports (soccer especially), Minecraft (recently purchased and playing with Dad), reading, history, CHIMA, & Star Wars.  It's been a big year - he's become a fluent reader, bike rider, swimmer, and lost his first 4 teeth.   

For Danny's birthday party this year he wanted a Star Wars theme.  He was a good sport when he got really sick on his birthday and we had to reschedule the party.  This year I didn't take many great pictures, but we had a lot of fun.  When the kids arrived they built their own droids using a variety of cans, screws, nuts, bolts, and hot glue.  They could also build their own light saber using toilet paper rolls and long balloons (the kind you would make into animals).  Next the kids played a few games - Star Wars variations on who has the button (LEGO Clone trooper) and simon says (Clone Commander says) followed by an obstacle course.  The obstacle course had great potential, but for the last obstacle kids were to use a nerf gun and shoot down some cardboard clone troopers and Darth Vader.  I did not test the guns, and some of the darts I loaded didn't fit.  Additionally, some of the kids had never shot a nerf gun, so it was a challenge.  They still had fun.  Then the kids all had to detonate some explosives (pop a balloon) which revealed a number.  The number corresponded to the order in which they picked a Star Wars prize (thank you Target dollar spot) - everything from puzzles to glow sticks.  This was my first time trying this in place of a traditional treasure hunt or pinata - it was GREAT!  We may do it again.  This picture isn't from the party, but captures Danny's tough Star Wars/Ninjago / CHIMA/ battle pose. 

Next at the party was food.  For this I had too much fun, and really none of the kids, except Danny, probably noticed or cared.  We had Wookie Cookies, Vader Veggies, Padawan Pizza (bagel pizza bites), Jar Jar Links (sausages wrapped in crescent rolls), Jedi Juice, Light Sabers, Obi- Wan Kabobies (fruit kabobs), and a Yoda Melon.  Thank you for the ideas pinterest.  :) 

I knew I did not want to try to make a clone trooper shaped cake, so instead layered chocolate and white cake (4 layers) and drew the clone trooper on top.  Danny was happy. 
And now our baby is seven.  We sure love this kid and are grateful for his patience being the oldest and our guinea pig child.  He teaches us a lot, makes us laugh, and is fun to be around.  We are so glad he is our number 1!