Wednesday, November 04, 2009

To Infinity and Beyond

This year Danny was thrilled to be Buzz Light Year for Halloween. His cousin Jaxon let him use his old costume and it fit perfectly! We had a festive dinner with Billings and all the kids looked fantastic.Eli Bear, Fall Fairy Brenna, Buzz, Asian Princess Leah, and Alex the Samurai. Danny's friend Elena was also visiting from Austin. She made a pretty cute giraffe, even if she didn't score too much candy. More importantly than candy, her parents did recover a missing engagement ring during their visit. HOORAY!
We met up with some other friends while we were trick or treating. Hunter, one of Danny's best buddies, was also Buzz. The two had so much fun chasing each other and blasting each other. One little person missed out on almost all the Halloween festivities because she was too tired. Though I knew Kaylee was too little to care, I got an idea in my head for her costume months ago. My friend Terri helped me put it together when moving had me too busy. And then, Kaylee wore it all of 20 minutes - 15 at the ward trunk or treat before she got too tired and then 5 more for these pictures. But, thanks anyway Terri. I think Kaylee makes the cutest Toy Story alien ever!

And on a totally unrelated note . . . I hate this phase Danny is in where he either refuses to smile or he says "Cheese" and gets this wacky grimace grin. Why can't he just show off his normal cute smile!?