Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Our firecracker baby turned one on July 4th. We had 2 fantastic celebrations for Kaylee's birthday. The weekend before her birthday Grandma & Grandpa Couch were visiting to help out during the race (post to come). Grandma & Grandpa Billings joined us as well and we had a wonderful 1st birthday party for Kaylee. After a pasta dinner (a Kaylee favorite & carb load for the race) we played a few games.

First, pulling Kleenex out of a box like the TV show Minute to Win It. Kaylee was slow at first, waiting for me to tell her to stop like I usually do. When she realized it was OK this time, she really got going.

Next was block races, a game from my childhood - who can build the tallest tower before Kaylee knocks it down. Matt growled and barked at her to try to inhibit her from coming near his tower. It didn't work though.
After a balloon game, it was time to open presents. I was surprised at how well Kaylee caught on to actually opening the presents, rather than just eating the paper. Her frustration came when we kept taking the new toy or book away and giving her a new gift to unwrap. She just wanted to play and play. The pictures show how intense she was about investigating each new thing - she couldn't look up at the camera even once. Thanks for all the fun gifts!

Danny also got to help with some of the unwrapping and was excited for the swimming pool that he knew he'd get to share.
Finally it was time for cake. I've decided grandparents are the perfect guests to a child's 1st birthday party. Look at all that attention and love! And notice Danny stealing a cupcake while we're all distracted.

Kaylee was not shy at all about eating the chocolate cupcake.As if the cake wouldn't do enough damage, we decided to add a scoop of ice cream too. Happy, messy girl.

On Kaylee's actual birthday some friends invited us to spend the weekend at their parents lake house for the 4th of July. The other families they had invited had children the same age as Danny & Kaylee. Though none of us had met prior to the weekend, and despite ridiculously cold & rainy weather (mid 50s!), we had a fantastic time grilling, roasting s'mores, canoeing, lighting sparklers, skipping rocks, playing games, talking, eating (a lot!), watching fireworks, & just relaxing. Danny was his usual outgoing self and made friends quickly.
Kaylee got a second birthday cake & did an even better job trying to blow out the candle & make a mess of herself.

Happy Birthday America. Happy Birthday Kaylee. Two great reasons to celebrate!


Matt said...

Such a cute little girl. Thanks for posting Carrie. I'm sure that 15 years from now our blog will be a major trauma rama for our little girl.

M said...

I'm so glad that you guys could join us! We had such a fun 4th of July, and it was fun to have Kaylee's birthday be part of the celebration!