Thursday, September 15, 2011

Settlers of Catan

Matt and I were introduced to this game several years ago. And we like it. For date nights we used to sit at our laptops playing online Catan against each other. I know, real social, right?

Back in Houston, my sister & her husband were our go-to competition when we wanted a foursome, but since moving to WA we have hardly played at all. Maybe it's because we've been too busy hiking or hosting visitors or training for races, but for months our Catan game has sat on the shelf.

We recently discovered, however, that many of our friends here play Catan as well. Enough, in fact, that we hosted a Catan tournament. 16 players, 4 games, and a final game to determine the Catan Champion.

For snacks, I collaborated with my friend Rose. We had a treat for each resource.
Brick - Hot Tamales & Licorice Bites
Ore - No Bake Cookies
Wheat - Wheat Thins with cream cheese/salsa dip
Lumber - Pretzel Sticks
Wool - A field of veggies for grazing with sheep cookies (made by Rose - so amazing)And what Catan tournament would be complete without a Catan board made of cookies? (Thanks Katie for helping me cut hexagons!)
The champion was rewarded with a crown, and a prize for each resource.
Wheat - a 10 can of red wheat (which the winner promptly returned)
Brick - clay, to make your own bricks
Wool - a small stuffed sheep
Wood - a bag of pretzel sticks
Ore - a gift card to cold stone (STONE . . . get it?)

And who was the Queen of Catan? See this gal reading the rulebook, playing the fool?
Well, she had us all fooled and knew exactly what she was doing. Congratulations on being the Queen of Catan Liz!


M said...

This was such a fun night! Thanks again for inviting us. We had a great time. Next time I'm going to try and play the fool, and see if it works to my advantage!

Matt said...

I should have won! It's nice to have such great friends in Seattle. What a fun time. Good blog post.

Heather said...

Ooooh, wish we could've competed. Sounds like a blast!

Rose Skeem said...

This was so much fun. Kyan and I had a blast. Carrie, your cookie game board was so creative. I would have to say it was definitely one of the highlights of my night. I have learned something since that night....don't let those nice and sweet looking girls fool you. They're really out to conquer us all.

Cassy said...

We love this game!! We have missed our New Mexico buddys who use to play it with us. My brother in law loves it too, but my sister isn't sold so we often pick something she'll like. Wish you lived closer!