Monday, October 22, 2012

Family Night at the Hongs

During weekly allowance, Matt pointed out that Kaylee had been putting a lot into her savings jar. 
"What are you saving for Kaylee?  You'll have enough for a phone someday!"
Danny piped in, "I'm saving my $ for a DS."
"I no want a phone.  I want a animal," explained Kaylee.
"Oh, like a pet?"
"A lizard or snake (which she's fond of)?"
"No.  A dolphin pet."

Then, a few minutes later during our family counsel time where everyone has a chance to share anything important, Kaylee shared some significant news.
"I like candy."

And finally, after a great lesson on forgiveness by dad, caramel apples, and creationary, it was time for bed.  But Danny and I couldn't stop giggling during his song and snuggle because I messed up the words to Baby Mine.  "Rest your head, close to my heart, never to fart, baby of mine."  But really, who wants a fart when someone is resting close to your heart? 

I sure do love this family of mine. 

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Matt said...

Fun time in the hong house. Kaylee is super funny right now.