Monday, March 06, 2017

Boxes of Stuff

Tomorrow the movers arrive and deliver our sea shipment.  After more than 6 weeks since having it all packed, I cannot remember everything that is in those boxes.  It is funny how you adjust and get used to what you do have.  I'm sure there will be things I'm happy to see, and others I wish I'd gotten rid of.  There are some things I have definitely missed though, and others I have not.

I have not missed . . .

  • TOYS -  We have had an excess of toys the past few years and I've discovered the last month how much better the kids play when there is less.  They are more imaginative and creative in their play.  And there is less mess and stress.  Clean up is a cinch.
  • CLOTHES - We have all been getting by just fine with the clothes from our suitcases.  I truthfully cannot remember what other clothes are coming nor why I needed them.  With a smaller washing machine and uniforms, we just won't need as many clothes.
  • ARTS & CRAFTS SUPPLIES - I think because I was a teacher I feel this need to buy new school supplies every fall.  This has resulted in a surplus in our house of crayons, markers, glue, scissors, etc.  But as it turns out, we really only need one set of each and we get by just fine.  The more we have, the more clutter it creates.  
  • TV - Matt and the kids may disagree, but I have really not minded watching TV and movies on our computers and tiny DVD player.  

Family Pizza Movie Night

I have missed . . . 
  • DRESSERS & LAUNDRY BASKETS - Though we don't have tons of clothes right now, we are struggling greatly to keep them organized.  I feel like there are just piles of clothes on the floors everywhere.
  • PIZZA CUTTER - It's just so convenient.
  • DISHES - We packed the bare minimum, and I'm totally done with IKEA plastic bowls and plates.  
  • REAL TABLE AND CHAIRS - I'm so over the camping table and chairs.  I think we've had a spill at 2/3 of meals because of the table getting bumped. 
  • PILLOWS - We packed a few, but I'm ready for my usual pillows.
  • BEDS - Though Matt and I have had a bed, I'm looking forward to my kids being out of sleeping bags and in real beds again. 
The next few days and weeks will be interesting as we fit all of our furniture & boxes of stuff into our new home.  

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