Wednesday, January 17, 2018

June Visit with Grandma & Mindy

It can be exhausting have visitors, but it is also so much fun.  When Mindy's family and LaRue came in May/June, it was all of their first visit to Europe.  It was wonderful to see our city with fresh eyes again, as they were so excited about it all. Of course having cousins to hang out was a highlight for the kids.  On this day, Kaya and Mindy were both sick, so LaRue and I ventured out with the youngest 4 kids to see a few London sights.  
First tube ride!

Big Ben - You're really in London Grandma!

London Eye

Play time on the Southbank.

Beautiful view.  Beautiful family. 

Cousin Love

Cousins make public transportation so much more fun. 

Bus Time! 

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