Sunday, March 11, 2018

Quick Pit Stop - Summer Edition

Our turnstile of visitors continued into the summer months last year.  We were always thrilled to see people whether for a meal or a few days.  Who knew we would so many friends and family while living on this side of the Atlantic.

One of Danny's best friends and his family came to London for a few days.  They didn't stay with us, but we were able to meet up with Gabe and his family for a picnic in Hyde Park, playing at Princess Diana Memorial Playground, and wandering around Kensington Gardens.  The two were so happy to be reunited. 

Matt's dad's cousin Betty and her family were in London for a visit.  We had reconnected with Dan & Betty the previous year at a funeral, then a wedding, so it was fun to see them in London as well.  We met up for a quick visit in Hyde Park and wandered around the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain.  And some of us (anyone under 12) decided to take a dip in the fountain. 

My dear friend, and Bellevue running partner for many years, and her family stopped at our house at the beginning of a European adventure.  Though they were busy touring London, they did stay at our house a few nights before heading off on 2+ weeks touring the continent.  Her 3 boys are just a little older than Danny, and our families were all friends in Bellevue.  They moved to California a few years ago so it was fun to reunite in London.
A highlight of Jenn's visit was an early morning run together to celebrate my birthday, just like old times.
Bon Voyage Gutierrez family! 

My Aunt Liz brought my cousin Hannah to England for a high school graduation present.  They were also set to visit Liz's family and friends in other parts of England (she's British), but we were thrilled to have them start their trip with us in London for several days.  We showed Hannah some popular sights downtown, and Liz taught me about conkers and some tricks to properly cooking Cumberland sausages.  The kids absolutely adored Hannah.  And we did manage to get in a few games of Aggravation, a Douthitt family tradition.

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It's so fun to see you and Jenn together in these pics!