Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ringing in the New Year with a Bang

After a nice morning at church (what a good looking pair Grandma and Danny were) we were playing a thrilling game of hide and seek at Grandma Hong's house (as thrilling as it gets with a 14 month old). A little too excited about finding a good hiding spot, I turned quickly to run down the hallway and BANG! I hit the corner of the wall with my forehead. A quick trip to an urgent care clinic and 4 stitches later I was doing fine. On New Year's Eve it was back to the urgent care clinic for a tetanus shot. Now, almost a month later, I still have a pretty good pirate scar.

Danny also spent a good part of his New Year's Eve BANGING pots and pans while helping Grandma clean out her pan drawer. We were proud when he actually put most of them back in all by himself.

We celebrated New Year's Eve night at Matt's brother's house with lots of family. Danny didn't quite make it until midnight. In fact, by 9:00 PM he was all partied out so went home to G-Pops house to go to bed. The rest of us stayed up late having various couple competitions - disc golf putting, ping pong, phase 10. Lance and Mindy dominated, though we did manage to win Phase 10.

Sadly, New Year's Day meant a long flight back to Texas and reality. We wished we could have vacationed with family longer.

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