Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh Baby!

I have to brag on my friend Terri. I asked her to make cupcakes for a double baby shower. It was for my sister Anne (having a boy) and my friend Jackie (having a girl). Since we were having a brunch we thought cupcakes would be a little lighter than a big, rich cake. She made these adorable baby cupcakes, using lifesavers for the pacifiers. Then my favorite part was the filling. When you bit into your cupcake you'd find either a pink or blue center. Throughout the shower people kept saying, "Oh, I've got a girl!" or "Good news, mine's a boy." I thought it was such a cute idea. Way to go Terri! And yes, you can scroll down the blog to see my sister's baby. Jackie isn't due for a few more weeks.


Mindy and Benjamin said...

I think I will always be intimidated by Terri's cake decorating skills.

Terri said...

Ahhh you're sweet!

The Stevens: said...

Cute idea.... I'm totally stealing it:)