Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Welcome Eli!

So here is my excuse for slacking on the blog lately. Pretty cute excuse, isn't he? Anne and Rex's 4th baby was born last Tuesday. Elijah Markham Billings. Everything went well and mom and baby are doing great. Danny was a little unsure when we went to the hospital. He hasn't been around littler babies very much since his younger cousin Timmy lives all the way in Utah. I think Danny's biggest concern was that the baby was coming home with us. The second trip to the hospital, when he realized the baby stayed with Aunt Anne, went much better. Now he always asks, "Where baby go? Baby? Baby?" when we are near my sister's house. I love the picture of Alex kissing his new little brother. He'll probably be teaching Eli to play Mario Kart Wii before he can even sit up. :)

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Mindy and Benjamin said...

Good thing you stopped slacking! Welcome baby Eli! Can't wait to meet him.