Monday, April 30, 2012

The People of Ammon

Tonight it was Danny's turn to teach the lesson for Family Home Evening.  In the afternoon he and I had a prep session so he could decide what his lesson would be about and how he'd teach it.  He decided to teach the story of the Anti-Nephi-Lehis, or people of Ammon.  We pulled out a picture from our gospel art kit, reviewed the story, and he practiced telling it. 

Then he decided on acting out the story for his lesson.  We brainstormed what parts each of the 4 of us could be and what costumes or props we might need.  After the obvious shields and swords, the following conversation ensued.

"So who do you think should be Ammon, to preach the gospel to the Lamanites at first?"

"I'll be Ammon.  And since he was a missionary, I can wear a white shirt."

"Great idea.  But I don't think the sons of Mosiah wore white shirts when they were missionaries.  They dressed differently in those times."

"You're right.  What else could I wear?"

"Well, maybe you could just wear your little missionary name tag so we know you are the missionary."

"But mom, they didn't have missionary name tags back then either.  Not the metal kind.  They just had a leaf and took a stick and wrote the words on the leaf."

Love the way this kid thinks.  :) 

We settled on mostly props, and not too much in the way of costumes.  However, when I suggested we actually go bury all of his weapons in the backyard, rather than just pretending to bury them by hiding them under the rug, he was not too enthused. 


M said...

I love that Danny didn't want to actually bury his weapons. He has his limits when it comes to role playing or acting, I guess!

LaRue said...

Not surprized by his choice of stories, having shared many Book of Mormon stories with him. Gotta love that boy and I do.