Sunday, May 14, 2017

Springtime in London

During the hardest times of decision making and decluttering and packing and moving earlier this year, I often told myself to look ahead to springtime in London.  In early January I knew the foreseeable future would be hard because there was one challenge after another.  Choosing a home in London followed immediately by dealing with movers followed immediately by prepping the house for renters followed immediately by packing 8 huge duffel bags & carry ons followed immediately by a 12+ hour travel day followed by jet lag followed by moving into our house followed by getting the kids settled in schools followed by finding a car . . . . etc. etc. etc.  There was hardly time to breathe. But I told myself again and again in overwhelming moments of exhaustion or doubt or stress to look ahead to springtime in London, because by springtime we would be settled and still living in London.

Well, it is springtime in London.

I'm not sure that life is as calm as I anticipated it might feel . . . we have a revolving door of visitors that keep us on our toes and day to day life with 4 active children and a hardworking husband is always somewhat exhausting.

But as I reflect on these past 4 months I am proud of all we have accomplished and the routines we've established here as we've been settling in.  We are still learning to bloom in our new environment, but I think we are creating something beautiful and I'm excited to watch as our family continues to grow.

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Matt said...

As our family continues to grow.... is there something you are not telling me?