Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hong Kong Pictures

Danny at our first hotel in Hong Kong. He thought it was fun to swing his arms against the rails and listen to the "pat,pat,pat" sound it made. No wonder he couldn't sleep in this crib. Obviously, he adjusted quickly to sleeping in the big bed. It turns out Danny is quite the bed hog! I'm glad we're not sharing every night.

The busy Hong Kong streets at night. It was way past Danny's bedtime (hence his pajamas) China time, but at 8 in the morning US time, he was ready to go. His "time to play" attitude lasted all night long. :) Matt's huge grin was after being reunited with Danny and Carrie after a week apart, but before Danny kept us up all night.

This is one of many different statues at Repulse Bay, a beach along the China Sea. This is where we rubbed the Buddha that is supposed to make you wealthy and also crossed the Bridge of Longevity to add 3 days to our life.

Kaya and Danny enjoying the ride back to the bus. Danny always seemed happy outside, but did not enjoy being stuck in the bus.

Matt and Danny at Avenue of the Stars with a statue of Bruce Lee. Notice how enthused Danny is about the event. :) This is also where we saw Jackie Chan's handprints and watched a laser light show on the Hong Kong skyline. Very cool!
Danny was quite sad he wasn't eating solids yet. Matt was very skilled at using the chopsticks and not dropping any rice on Danny's head. This was at our vegetarian lunch prepared by Buddhist monks. There must have been 50 different types of vegetables, mushrooms, and roots. Some dishes were tasty, some weren't, but it was a cool experience. It was a very foggy day, so even after climbing all the stairs, it was still difficult to see the giant Buddha at the top. We all had take take short breaks on the way up. Danny loved the whole thing!

Hong Kong Temple

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