Tuesday, May 08, 2007

More Village Pictures

At the grave of Matt's great, great grandfather.

Cutting up the pig we had just carried all over the village. I was lucky enough to eat one of those ribs, which was actually pretty tasty. The feast consisted of the pig, hard boiled eggs, various cakes, sugar cane, and chrysanthimum drink or water. The cakes were my favorite. The feasting area, right by the graves, was strewn with trash from the previous feast. Evidently littering is not an issue. Rather than mess with tables, they simply layed plastic table cloths down on the ground and put the food right on top of them. We didn't use plates or even chopsticks. Instead, each person was given a wooden skewer and a plastic glove. Talk about efficient eating! And clean up was a cinch, because as mentioned before, you were expected to just throw your trash on the ground. The village boys are all gathered around their "table" enjoying the feast.

Yuki and Larry. Larry is the son of Susan, who is Bills (Matt's grandpa) wife. Yuki is Larry's girlfriend. Both spoke English quite well and were very helpful.

Buddha picture from Hong Kong that got cut off when I posted the other blog.

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