Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Update From Guangzhou

My blog posts became less frequent as things here in China became busier.

The rest of the time in Shanghai was wonderful. The city is amazing! It is growing so quickly. I will try to blog some of the highlights later.

Hong Kong was also great, although Danny was not always pleasant to be around since his schedule was so mixed up. The first night he woke up MANY times, ready to play since his day and night were all mixed up.

The visit to the village was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. To see where my father was born and to meet relatives that live such a different life than my own is an experience I will always treasure and which I am sure I will ponder about for a long time.

We took many photos which I will publish as soon as possible.

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LaRue said...

Thanks for the update, Matt. I will be looking forward to the pictures. It is morning as I write this and according to my calulations, It is your last evening in China. It sounds like everything has gone very well and the experience you have had will be life changing. Give Danny hugs from Grandma and hugs to Mama and Daddy too. Love, Mom