Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thanksgiving in Idaho

We had a wonderful trip to Idaho for Thanksgiving. Thanks to frequent flyer miles with only a few available seats, Danny and I got to spend a whole week with Mat's family. Normally we just go according to Matt's work schedule, but we enjoyed having a few extra days with the Hong crew. Here is Danny, scoping out some of the airplanes en route at the Denver airport. He's sporting his new carry on backpack, which mom ended up carrying most of the trip. Go figure.

Sadly, I think everyone thought Danny was a neglected child . . . he had a boogy nose the whole trip with a cold AND he had a swollen eye. A few days before the trip he'd gotten a few mosquito bites, one on the corner of his eye. At its worst his eye was almost swollen shut. Fortunately it was just red and puffy by the time we arrived at the airport. Nothing like snot noses and swollen bug bites to greet your family. I'm glad they didn't leave us at the airport.

One fun activity was helping clean up grandma's back yard with Aunt Mindy and Kaya. There isn't really 4 seasons in Houston, so Danny loved crunching in the leaves and jumping in them. I'm glad he remembered from fair time that we throw away the rotting apples on the ground and don't eat them (which he learned from experience in August).

The two were surprisingly helpful at holding open the bags and hauling the leaves around. And yes, I do feel a little guilty about letting my runny nose boy play around in the cold. His pure joy at playing with Kaya and helping Grandma outweighed my guilt though. The second video is pretty funny - Danny's such a perfectionist sometimes and has to have things just right.


Debbie said...

He does look a little neglected :-). Just kidding. I don't think a little boy could ever be more loved. He is a cutie. It sounds like a fun time.
Hopefully we will see you soon!

Amy said...

Perfectionist?!! Your child? I'm shocked! :)

Barbara Scates said...

Always enjoy seeing updated pictures of your wonderful family! Danny is growing up and is so cute!