Monday, June 01, 2009


I have a cousin who is about 4 months older than me. Michael and I were labeled twin cousins at an early age because of similar smiles and blonde hair. There are hundreds of "twin" pictures of us. I remember one time when we were quite young being awoken from our sleep so some family friends could see the "twins." Truthfully, though I didn't always enjoy the pictures, I'm glad someone was taking pictures of me (I was #4 in my family, Michael was #1).

Now, I am the total hypocrite about twin pictures. Danny is about 4 months younger than his cousin Kaya. And though I don't really think they look much alike, they do share the blonde, blonde hair. Our 1/4 Chinese blondies. Every time they are together I can't help snapping a lot of photos of the two of them. Matt has a special bond with Kaya since they share the same birthday (thanks for making that work out Mindy!). So here are some "twin" photos of Kaya and Danny last time they were together. I love how chunky Danny's hand is holding Kaya's.

Who knew a mirror could provide so much entertainment. Looks like Danny has an identical twin in these shots!Yes, I did let my child kiss the dirty store mirror. It didn't look too dirty though. And really, a few germs isn't a bad trade off for a great photo and happy kid. Unless those germs are the reason he's so allergic to mosquito bites!


Matt said...

Those are two cute little kids. Danny and Kaya need to hang out together more often.

Jenna said...

You and your cousin REALLY do look like twins! I love the poem. The pics of Danny with his cousin are so cute! :)

Mindy said...

I liked seeing the young miss carrie pictures. I don't think i've ever seen any pictures of you in the old days.