Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Capturing the Magic

I'm so grateful for memories. Because as I've looked back over the 250 pictures I took during our amazing vacation, so few actually capture the magic we felt. (I know, cheesy, right?) I don't know if the problem is: A. My children who, understandably, prefer to look at whatever cool thing is happening rather than turn around and smile at me. B. My Canon Powershot that isn't quick enough to capture the expression I'm seeing. or C. My lack of photography skills.

Take for example, this lovely shot. Our first day heading to Magic Kingdom. The kids were a little sleepy, but SO excited. Grandma LaRue had made them these adorable Mickey & Minnie clothes & they were sporting their "First Visit" buttons. Cute, right? But could I get them to stand together on the cabin porch, look at me, and smile sweetly? No. We did get a few shots that captured the magic. What amazed me most about Disney World was how contagious the "magic" was. All 4 adults confessed to feeling like kids again at one point or another. How could we not?

Mom & Dad waiting for Matt to snag some more Fast Passes before riding Splash Mountain
Matt versus Dad on Buzz Light Year's Space Ranger Spin
(Space Mountain + No Kids) x 2 = GiddynessDad feeling regal on Prince Charming's Regal Carousel.Matt meeting his favorite princess (besides me of course).Toy Story Mania 4 times.

And even though my first picture of the first day didn't turn out great, these two made up for it. Pure magic.

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