Monday, April 28, 2008

G-Pops and Grandma Angie

Danny is so lucky to have had so many visitors this year! G-Pops and Grandma Angie came down from Idaho for a long weekend. We had a great visit and I think they especially enjoyed the warmer weather! In honor of Earth Day we spent Saturday morning at the Houston Zoo and wandered around Hermann Park and the Japanese Gardens. Sadly, my camera battery died before we got to the park. One highlight of the zoo was the free Jamba Juice they were handing out. Danny had fun walking around with G-Pops and Grandma. G-Pops really won him over by giving him tasty snacks whenever possible. :) Danny also enjoyed riding the monkey on the carousel. After a long morning we were starved and so we went to Fungs Kitchen for tasty Dim Sum. Of course we all ate way too much, but it was sooo delicious. Danny's favorite is the rice and shumi. Later we had an adult only night out to Tex Mex food . . . yep, more eating. Sunday night Hong father and son made a delicious Chinese feast including steamed fish (head on) and fuzzy melon soup and we had Billings over to eat. It almost surpassed the Dim Sum in tastiness! Maybe next time Danny can help with the Hong father/son cooking. We had a fabulous visit and can't wait for G-Pops and Grandma Angie to come again! Thanks for a fun weekend!


Mindy Hong said...

Your page changed. I almost didn't recognize it. We're glad Danny got to see his G-pops. Kaya sure loves him.

Anonymous said...

Miss Carrie,

Please tell Danny that I got his letter. I loved loved the stickers and am still playing with them. I like to peel them off the paper and put them on Peanut's head. Please tell Danny that my mom said there will not be any dinosaurs in Costa Rica because dinosaurs aren't real.