Tuesday, April 08, 2008

RODEO Animals

One of the highlights of the Houston Rodeo is of course all the animals. Danny had a great time on the pony ride (Thanks Grandma!) with Brenna. We didn't get a good photo of it, but as he rode around, he held on to the saddle with one hand and then lifted his other high into the air like he was a real cowboy riding a bucking bronco. It was so funny - next time we'll have to get him a cowboy hat! The petting zoo was not so interesting to Danny. The overfed animals were lazy and not too excited about the food he tried to give them. He would go up and pat them, just like he does with the beagles at home, and then wander away. Of course he was happy to be wandering outside of his stroller for a little while, but I think he thought the petting zoo animals were boring compared to his hyper, hungry beagles at home.

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Kelli said...

Well...let's face it Beagle dogs are pretty amazing animals...Goats not so much :)