Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blueberry Farm

A few weeks ago our ward went to Moorheads Blueberry Farm for playgroup. We had a great turnout! Blueberries are only $1.50/lb. so it's worth the 25 minute drive. I was proud to wear my workout duds - I knew I'd get sweaty anyway and hey, it meant I worked out before we went. That was quite an accomplishment for me! Danny was excited when we first arrived - you carry a bucket and then pull stuff off the trees and stick it in your bucket. COOL! However, he wasn't great at differentiating between the green and blue berries. Go figure. Eventually I stole the bucket from him so I could get some serious picking done. It was SO HOT though. We went about 10 AM, but it was already in the 90s, plus the lovely Houston humidity. It was fun nonetheless. Our two great tragedies were first dumping our bucket on the way out. Lori (at 9 months pregnant) helped me pick them up so we still managed nearly a pound. Second tragedy - as I have previously suspected, Danny seems to be allergic or just sensitive to blueberries. I made muffins. He ate two for breakfast one day and ended up with a nightmare of a rash! No more fresh blueberries for him. Oddly, he didn't seem to have much trouble with the apples & blueberry baby food. Hmmmm . . . Is this possible?


Terri said...

How sad that Danny is allergic, I hope you had fun though. I was sad that I didn't get to go that day... but of course I did go later. Yummy! I'll be back in town on the 30th, so drop an invite to the shower for me, please.

LaRue said...

Matt, I hope you remember the book "Blueberries for Sal" I used to read it to you guys. You never knew what blueberry bushes looked like. May sure Danny gets to enjoy that book. (P.S. Are there bears in Houston?) Love mom