Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Matt

Last weekend we celebrated Matt's birthday. He was lucky enough to have his last final for school - nothing says happy birthday like a business law final. :) Danny and I drove down to the hotel to have breakfast with him. Perhaps it was cruel, but while he was in class on his birthday, we went swimming at the hotel pool. Danny was just glad to wish his papa a Happy Birthday. That night Matt and I went on a date to an Astros game against the Cardinals. They gave away 7 runs in the 2nd inning, but tried to make it up at the end of the game with a few exciting bases loaded hits. Sadly, they still lost. Highlights were running into our friends the Butlers, a foot long hot dog, super nachos, AND a cool free picture.

The next day we celebrated with a big lasagna dinner. Swansons, Billings, and Gwilliams joined us and Anne made a scrumptious birthday cake. Actually, she made two - an orange poppyseed one and chocolate. DELICIOUS! We played the party game, which is always quite hilarious - I don't know if I liked Mindy's Madonna clue or Matt G.'s version of Billy Barty better. We had a fun time.

So Matt feels like he's getting old, but I think his birthday gifts are telling of how old we all think he is . . . two favorite gifts were a Transformer video game and Heelies. Yes, those shoes with wheels. He definitely did not look his age when he was wheeling down the street to the pool earlier in the week. What a cool guy! Hopefully he doesn't fall and break his hip or anything. :) Lucky for me, since birthday, father's day, and graduation are all within 3 weeks of each other, I combined efforts and got a little extra money from some fam for Matt's gift. On July 11 he will be the proud new owner of an iphone (that's the day the new version comes out). Thanks to all who helped Matt feel so loved on his birthday! And thanks to Matt for being such an amazing husband, father, brother, son, and friend. We love you!


LaRue said...

I'm so glad Matt liked his wheelies! I can hardly wait for our trip. not long now. Love Mom i.e. Danny's Granny

Mindy and Benjamin said...

Yay! Happy birthday and congrats on all the other exciting things going on. I really like the picture at the baseball game, it's very cute! And ps, I think my Madonna clue was very classy...just like she is.