Thursday, October 23, 2008

Raw Eggs

I've read several other people's posts about letting their kids eat the batter and concerns about raw eggs. If Danny dies young of salmonella, at least he will have had the joy of raw batter.


Amy said...

My kids eat more batter than cake or cookies. We're still kicking

Terri said...

And at least you have an adorable picture of him to use at his funeral... but really, he had a better chance of picking up salmonella from the farm animals on Wednesday then pasteurized eggs!
I say eat up and enjoy!

Heather said...

Wouldn't it be cruel to deny children that wonder of childhood? Batter?

Lyndsay said...

Hope you don't mind my comments -

I grew up regularly licking batters & bowls (I even ate raw hamburger meat, loved it as a teen) and I am yet to contract salmonella! I do try to use the Egg Starts when I'm making cookies, etc. now but don't always do that and still let my kids have their share of dough. My oldest is 8 now (almost 9) and he's just fine, thank you! So, go for it!!

P.S. I have to clarify, I did have a miscarriage 2 weeks after I ate raw eggs, so ever since then I myself don't eat raw eggs when I'm pregnant or nursing, but that's mostly because I'm paranoid after my miscarraige.

Oh, and I have a few times honked when we crossed state lines, just for fun with my kids, but didn't ever hear of it being what you're supposed to do.

Emy said...

Oh.....I love batter so much. Definitely part of childhood. So fun to see your darling family Carrie. Way to go on the roadtrip too.