Thursday, April 09, 2009

Danny Missin' Granny

We always love when Grandmas and Grandpas come to visit. Grandma Hong was able to come down during her spring break. Danny had SO much fun with his granny. He got sick shortly after she left and I'm pretty sure it's because he was missing all the extra love and attention she gave him.

One afternoon they made Texas shaped ice cream sandwiches. Danny is helping out by eating the brownie crumbs while Granny does the more intensive labor.

Delicious and oh so messy! Another morning we took a trip to the mall and Danny got to ride the carousel. And the highlight of Granny's visit was flying kites, something we'd never done before. Danny finished filling in a potty chart, so chose a Buzz Light Year kite as a prize. Matt got a Transformer's kite and Granny got a Barbie kite. Apparently they had a successful potty week too. :) The wind was perfect the day after we bought the kites, and all three flew great. Dad had to make a few kite rescues, and before the evening was through Buzz had flown too powerfully. He got stuck on a neighbor's roof that was too high to retrieve. Amazingly, Buzz continued to fly up there for at least an hour! Thanks again for a fun visit Grandma Hong!


LaRue said...

And Granny is missing Danny! Kisses and Hugs to my sweet, fun boy.

Lyndsay said...

Carrie, I think my mom and Aunt LaRue are so much alike (big surprise, since they're sisters, I know)!! They're even looking more and more alike these past few years! Sounds like Grandma and Danny had fun together!!