Monday, April 20, 2009

Eggcellent Easter

This year Danny really got into the egg hunting. Maybe that's why he couldn't smile for any pictures - he was too focused on finding the eggs. We went to a ward playgroup egg hunt at Mercer Arboretum and then we also went to a huge egg hunt at a Lutheran church near our house.
Danny also had fun dying Easter eggs this year. He shares his Grandma Couch's focus and intensity, trying to create the perfect egg. Sadly, he still has a way to go before being able to dye an egg without dying his hands.

Easter Sunday was a wonderful day. There were no meetings, so we were able to spend the whole day as a family. Danny slept late, we found our Easter baskets, we ate monkey bread, sausage, and smoothies for breakfast, and then we got ready for church. I was glad our FHE lessons had paid off when Danny remembered that we were celebrating Jesus. He's still trying to get the word resurrection down . . . maybe by next Easter. It was fun to have him retell us the Easter story with his paper tomb from nursery. My handsome guys! Gotta love the matching blues and khaki.

After church Billings came over for a tasty feast with ham, funeral potatoes, fresh green beans, rolls, and the traditional deviled egg chicks and coconut cake. Yes, the chicks are a little creepy, but they are one of my FAVORITE traditions from when I was a kid. I loved helping my mom make the deviled egg chicks. We were all stuffed beyond belief.
So even though this isn't the best family photo ever, I like it because we used the timer and Danny did a good job hiding his baby sister. You can hardly tell that I'm ready to hatch (well, in 2 more months). Happy, happy Easter!


Terri said...

I like the timer...for some reason my kids will always look at the blinking light. Looks like you had a fun easter! Those deviled eggs are the fanciest I have ever seen, not creepy at all! I'm sure Danny will have the easter story down by next year, he can teach his sister.

Jenna said...

I love all of your Easter food traditions! The deviled eggs are so clever and cute! I'll have to get your monkey bread recipe. I have to say that the matching suits were very sharp. It's great to see a father and son matching.

Amy said...

Matt and Danny look so cute!

Kelli said...

Cute cute and cute! I think it's so great that you have so many wonderful traditions that are special to you and you continue to do them for your little family..That is awesome!

Mary Jane said...

ah- you guys are so cute. I just love your family- and I still can't believe we haven't had you over for dinner- time just gets away from us too...I hope you are feeling well and I'm excited to see your new little baby!