Saturday, March 13, 2010

Likening the Scriptures

Danny is obsessed with weapons at the moment (I say moment with hopes that this phase will eventually pass). Not too long ago we were going over to a new friend's house for the first time. Danny walked in, looked around, and said, "Where are your weapons?"

Though I started parenthood with intentions of having a peaceful, weapon-free home, I have failed miserably. Danny has swords, light sabers, squirt guns, pirate hooks, bubble guns, and a bow and arrow. I gave in when I realized that even if I wasn't providing any weapons, Danny would be creating them himself. Sticks, legos, straws, serving spoons, and even foam letters and states (particularly the letter L and Idaho) have excellent potential for becoming weapons.

So in an effort to ease my guilt about Danny's obsession with weapons, and perhaps redirect some of the energy into meaningful experiences, we've been reading about weapons in the scriptures. Danny was THRILLED when his first edition of The Friend had the following activity.
Captain Moroni

Anytime I ask him to choose a story, he wants to read his scriptures so he can read about swords, shields, spears, and battles. Sometimes I ask myself, am I really teaching the gospel here, or just encouraging an unhealthy obsession? We can only hope this early study and passion for the scriptures will make him an excellent missionary someday . . . unless he's still carrying a sword around everywhere he goes.


LaRue said...

Oh, I love that boy! I'm glad we are on the same side in the battle for truth and right! Love little Kaylee and Mom and Dad, too. Granny Hong (soon to be Mauger) Just so you can start getting used to it) :)

Cassy said...

Way to go mom!! Helping him to love the scriptures at a young age!! That will serve him well later in life too.
We learned the story of Cane and Able--and how as siblings we are suppose to take care of each other. And what bad things can happen if we hit our siblings... It seems to be working usually.

M said...

What a great way to incorporate armor into a scripture lesson! I think that's great. That video is really darling, too. Danny will like seeing that when he gets older.

(And I'm guessing that you referred to the time when you guys came to our house for the first time. Next time you guys come over, I'll make sure that the toy weapons are more easily accessible. Ha ha!)

KWit said...

You are such an awesome MOM. That is so cool. I love how you thought of how to bring it all into his world and make it cool. That right there is so awesome! Danny is just so darn cute! I know my little boy LOVES him!