Monday, September 26, 2005

Back at home.

We did end up evacuating to Dallas after all. We left our home at 1:30 AM on Friday and arrived in Ft. Worth to reunite Rex (my brother in law) with his family at 12:30 PM. It was quite an adventure. We were able to find some side roads and finally found some gas when we were down to about 1/4 a tank. The dogs were a little stressed after it all, but we were all safe when it was all said and done.

While we were in Dallas, Carrie and I stayed with a great couple, Michael and Diana George. They were very kind to us and our crazy beagles and made us feel at home. Despite the difficult circumstances they even helped us have a little fun. They introduced us to a new card game called Double Euchre. Carrie and Diana beat Michael and I. They also have a dog, a beautiful Irish Setter named Noel.

Carrie and I drove back here on Sunday after we went to Church in Dallas. It took us about 7 hours to get home. We should have waited until today, but we were anxious to get home.

Everything at home seems to be in order. One of our bushes is leaning a bit in the front, but when we got here it was hard to believe that the hurricane had even come.

I will go back to work tomorrow. Seminary will start back up on Wednesday.

Thanks again for all you love and concern. We feel very blessed that our situation turned out as good as it did.


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