Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hurricane Rita

We are a little nervous right now. We attempted to evacuate Houston toward Austin at 10:30 AM this morning. We drove for six hours and were only able to travel ~30 miles when our gas tank was down to around 1/2 a tank we decided to turn around. The scene on the roads were very frightening. Many people were out of gas and congregating at gas stations and on the side of the road. There was a air of desperation that hung over everything.

So, instead of taking our chances with no gas on the roads, we decided to come back. We are fortunate to be in an area that is not in any of the flood zones and that we have a house that is built to modern standards that should be able to withstand the storm we are expecting. We will continue to monitor the situation and hope that the roads clear up enough to get out in the next day if it becomes necessary for us to attempt to evacuate again.

There is a group of about six of seven guys from Church that are also staying around and we will probably all hunker down together when the storm gets closer.

Don't think that we are crazy for staying. No public officials have recommended that anyone in our situation evacuate unless that just don't feel safe. We are not in manditory evacuation zones. Many people in our neighborhood are staying and we will not be alone.

The storm looks to be weakening and heading for a more favorable strike then we originally thought.

Our cell phone service is spotty, but some calls do make it though if any of you want to get in touch with us.

Thanks for all your love and prayers. We feel like we are in a safe place and that all will be well.

I will try to update this blog as the hours tick down. We are about 18 hours before we should start to feel tropical storm force winds. Landfall is projected in sometime late Friday night.


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Arita Wagoner said...

You will be blessed because you were prepared. A good lesson for all of us. Glad you have people to "hunker down" with.
The freeways look horrid, what is the point in running out of gas with now shelter. I just saw something about an evacuation bus exploding on the freeway. I am sure there must have been fatalities, but didn't get that part. It seems overwhelming from here and must be more-so there.
I am reminded of our experience with the Tetom Dam. So depairing, until the prophet came and then all the volunteers who gave their time. It was quite a journey in our lives, as this will be for you.
Rely on your good judgement, your prayers and all of our prayers for you.
We will keep checking on you.
Love, Aunt Arita