Thursday, September 22, 2005

Still Bunkered Down

The I-45 situation has deteriorated. We are going to stay here and monitor the situation. If the road speeds get to above 20 mph by tomorrow morning we will leave. We have set 8:00 AM as the decision deadline as to weather we should stay or go.


Mindy said...

testing 1..2..3...

Hi to Daisy and Teal from Peanut and Charlie.

LaRue said...

hi Matt and Carrie, I am at Mindy and lance's. She helped me get set up so I could comment. I am really glad you are staying put. This morning I was praying you would stay. It just seems like such a long shot that you could get far enough away to be safe. Your home will be a safe haven. I'm glad you were prepared. Have you been able to board up your windows? Mindy is worried about the alligators, so stay out of the water! Your name is in the temple here and many people are praying for you. Love Mom

Lezlie said...

So is
Dozer's real name Teal??? I bet you didn't think old mom knew how to use one of these things! Did you know that judicial blogs are actually called blawgs? (I took a blogging class- really!)

Thank you so much for this site- we cannot get any phone calls in to you, and don't want to tie up the lines anyway. We have Anne's # at the Whiteheads, and so if she knows what you are doing we can keep in touch with her. We are really thankful that she is out of there with the kids.

Our cable is broken, so we are not getting much news about Rita first hand. I imagine you will be much safer at home than out on the road somewhere. I know that you will have to evaluate the situation at the time, and we trust you to make wise decisions.
Dad just got back from Ukraine tonight so he is sound asleep (he has been since before we got home!) Tomorrow we are to go to Vancouver, BC to see Ms Lee, then we are going to Bellingham to Sherlyn's memorial service Sunday, then will be home Sunday night. We will be watching the news and thinking of you. We will be in touch with Anne.

Hang in there...

Lezlie said...

Wow, this is cool- we are all on at once. I agree with LaRue about staying put...Also have had several people call and ask about you with great concern, and say you were in their prayers.

PS Dad just read last week that Richland and Boise Idaho are both in the top 10 cities in the country for safety from natural disasters!

Lyndsay Bodily said...

Hi Matt & Carrie, this is Lyndsay (vaughn & Arita's daughter - your cousin, in case you don't recognize my married name). My family has been praying for you and we hope everything turns out well for you. It's crazy what you've already been through & seen. So glad to hear how well prepared you two are. Please continue to let us know that you are okay andhow things are going!

The Bodilys

P.S. I was glad to see that Boise is one of the safest cities to live in! Thanks for posting that!