Thursday, September 22, 2005

I-45 Looking better. We may try to evacuate tonight.

Rex Billings ( my brother in law ) has joined up with us now that we are back at our house. We are watching the situation, trying to find more gas, and talking to the neighbors.

Good news! The evacuation seems to be working on the freeway that is very close to our house. Right now Rex and Carrie are looking for more gas, and I think when they get back we will decide to head to Dallas. I will keep all of you posted.

We feel safe here, but if we have the opportunity to leave, I think we will.

Carrie's Aunt Lisa has a good friend in Dallas that has offered Carrie and I and the beagles a place to stay. Carrie's Sister Anne and her friends are already in Dallas.

The news from the storm is mixed. There are reports that it may gain strength again due to some warm water and it's path seems to be unpredictable. The latest projections have it striking east of us, which is good for us since it puts the "dirty" side of the storm away from us. There are concerns that the system may park over all of East Texas and dump rain on it for several days causing massive flooding. We sure hope not...

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