Friday, May 23, 2008

Busy beagles

Daisy and Dozer felt like they had been neglected on this blog, so I thought I better post something about them. When my parents were visiting they brought their dogs, Joy and Freckles. Even though papillons are an inferior breed to beagles, the four had a lot of fun playing together. :) J/K mom and dad. Dozer really loved the octopus toy that his cousin dogs brought him to play with. This picture captures Daisy perfectly. All her waking hours (which are few- usually she's asleep) are spent watching the neighborhood out the window. Any unusual behavior (actually usual behavior too) is reported promptly. She sprints out her dog door to the backyard and howls an alarm. Aroooooooooooooh! We have to close the dog door in the evening - 9 PM seems to be her favorite alarm time. Gotta love our hounds.

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Mindy Hong said...

Peanut is our alarmer. She does the same thing and notifys the entire neighborhood of all the happenings. I actually just got her a bark collar cause she has gotten really bad in the last few months.