Monday, May 26, 2008

Go Spurs Go

Back in 2003 Matt and I were dating pretty seriously during the NBA playoffs. We had made a day trip to San Antonio previously to watch a Spurs game and then watched many of the playoff games on TV. When they won the Championship that year, it was clearly a sign that our relationship had good things in store. :) We made a trip to San Antonio to watch the Championship boat parade. Do we look 5 years younger in that picture?

Since then, Spurs have won in 2005 & 2007. Matt and I think it's time they had back-to-back championships. Game 5 for the Spurs/Lakers series is Thursday night. Spurs are 3-1, so I'm hoping this special blog will help them get out of the hole their in - GO SPURS! During the last series against the New Orleans Hornets, Matt and I were able to get some reasonably priced tickets to game 6. We quickly made arrangements for Danny (thanks sis!), Matt took a day off work, and we drove out to San Antonio. We got there in time for the pre-game festivities - face painting, climbing wall, poster designing. Matt was a little bummed to find out the game would be on ESPN2, not TNT as he had originally been informed. His poster was still cool. Though I admit I'm a Spurs fan by marriage, I get pretty excited about the games. Matt seemed impressed that I was able to name almost the whole roster. The game was fantastic - cheer sticks, great seats, super nachos, AND a double digit lead most of the game. Just the way we like it. Spurs won 99 - 80. If you don't have a team left in the playoffs (sorry Jazz and Rockets) then you should really jump on the Spurs bandwagon. GO SPURS GO!


Heather said...

You look exactly the same age. Go Spurs!

LaRue said...

Oh come on! You guys havn't known each other for 5 years!!!!! Go Spurs! The game is on my birthday, so that is a good omen, if turning 60 can be constued as any think good! Love, Mom Hong
By the way Danny can set my table any time he wants.